Thursday, April 3

Muscle or Beauty – Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One (M8)

Hello everyone!

This is my favourite topic to write on – smartphones and tech!

This time I’ll try and reason with new smartphone buyers whether to get the proven super hit, the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the new beauty on the block, the all new HTC One (M8)!

Choosing between these two is like choosing between Sunny Leone and Bipasha Basu… how can you choose without trying to kill yourself?!

See my point? Now get your hands out of your pants and read on!

What’s ticking for Samsung’s latest offspring, the Galaxy S5?

The Galaxy S5 features a 5.1-inch display, a 16-megapixel camera with software for advanced shooting modes, and has an integrated heart rate monitor (which you will need a lot coz you just spent 50k+ on this phone!!!).

Samsung finally hopped on the fingerprint-scanning bandwagon, integrating a scanner into the phone’s home button. In addition to unlocking the phone, it can be used for app authentication, such as authorizing PayPal payments (I don’t think you’ll use it though. Remember you are broke? You just spent 50k+ on this phone!!!).

Sporting a 1080p display, the Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant and is available blue, white, black, and gold colours (though knowing Samsung, it’ll probably launch in 200 more colours soon enough!).

The camera is capable of autofocus speeds as fast as 300ms with new HDR processing tweaks, and a selective focus mode which allows amateur shutterbugs to experiment with shallow depth-of-field shots. (I have no idea what I just wrote! Depth of what?)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has focused on what users might actually want rather than useless gimmicks.

It's a quiet improvement over the Galaxy S4 though, which may disappoint a lot of people looking to see the world's highest-res display and an all new metal chassis, but it's one that at least delivers where consumers need it.

If you're looking for a phone that reinvents the smartphone again, you're going to be rather disappointed with what's on offer from Samsung. However, if you're after a better camera, a brighter screen, a faster processor and a more solid design, then the Galaxy S5 will mostly deliver all you'd be looking for.

Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 ticks all the right fields when it comes to camera, software, hardware and even looks… err… don’t look below!

However, along came HTC to spoil Samsung’s party with the all-new HTC One (M8)!

The down side to success is the pressure to keep on succeeding!

HTC’s 2013 flagship, the original HTC One (M7), defined “successful” in nearly every way. It was awarded the ‘Best Smartphone of the Year’ countless times!

But it’s been a year. The smartphone market has evolved rapidly and HTC’s fortunes depend heavily on the success or failure of the new One.

HTC is known for its industrial design. The HTC One (M8) is without a doubt the most beautiful phone in the world!

It features a 5-inch SLCD3 display with a resolution of 1080p. Beneath that display sits Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor which runs at 2.5GHz with 2GB RAM. The new One also has a microSD card slot with support up to 128GB (so much porn yo…)!

The camera still carries a resolution of 4MP (Ultrapixels!). It’s actually less than the resolution of its front-facing camera and Optical Image Stabilization has been removed too (WTF!!! Again, What. The. Fuck!).

The HTC One has a new twin-eyed sensor arrangement called the ‘Duo Camera’ which has the ability to refocus photos after they’re taken with functionality like artistic depth-of-field photos (Err… I still don’t get it! #JustKidding!).

The One give you the best smartphone selfies with its 5MP sensor! Hardcore narcissists like me or ‘normal’ selfie fans would definitely want this!

Hello New Age Selfies! :)

The bottom line on the HTC One M8′s camera is this: it’s all right though definitely not the best!

In almost every measurable sense, the HTC One (M8) is a premium phone. So which one should you go for - the S5 or the One?

If you are addicted to looks (who isn’t?!), then the One is for you. It’s not only powerful but also beautiful (I mean Katrina Kaif beautiful!).

But if you want a future-proof phone with added functionality, then the S5 is for you.
I say future-proof coz HTC’s future is bleak!
It’s a vicious circle actually: No sales --> Bleak Future; Bleak Future --> No Sales. Sigh!

So, if you are NOT a Gujarati whose father owns a business or is an investor in the share market, think which one’s right for you. If you ARE a Gujju, buy both!

Me? I am happy with my Galaxy Note 3. I just can’t work with a 5-incher anymore (I meant phone size not THAT size pervs!)!

If I had to choose, I would probably go with the One just for those killer looks coz the S5 essentially looks like the S4, S3, S2 and S1 :/

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