Thursday, June 19

What I expect from Samsung for the GALAXY Note 4!

It's that time of the year again! The S-flagship from Samsung has come and gone and now I eagerly await my next Note!

So here's what I want in the Note 4:

Exynos Octa 64-bit processor (About time yo!)

4GB RAM (Note had 1GB, Note II had 2GB, Note 3 has 3GB - I am just following the math here!)

5.9" qHD S-AMOLED display - 2560 x 1440 resolution (Oh yeah baby!)

Minimum bezels resulting in the same size as the Note 3 (Any larger and I'll have to buy new pants!)

128GB internal memory (Please Sammy, it's about time, no?)

Less Samsung bloat (Omit S Voice, Samsung Hub & Samsung Apps please!)

No plastic... please! (Hey Samsung, heard of 'metal'?)

Beefier battery (Minimum 4000mAH - I am not being greedy, I swear!)

Better Fingerprint sensor (I am done with passwords! Can't we go all James Bond on this Note?)

Water-Proof, Dust-Proof, Scratch-Proof, Fire-Proof! (Let's make the new Note the Chuck Norris of all smartphones! What say?)

Amazing software (Note = efficiency. Kindly continue the trend!)

Am I being too greedy guys?
No, right? Thought so :)

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